Thank you so much for visiting The Hidden Gem!

We promise you will be grateful that you did.


We are  firm believers in taking care of the body, mind & spirit and know The Hidden Gem has the environment to help you do just that. We believe you truly can find the bliss that you look for.  So, congratulate yourself on believing that too, and for taking this step on your path to bliss!  Making yourself a priority in your demanding world

is the clearest and quickest step you can take to health, healing, and life balance.

The Hidden Gem did not get its name just because it sounded good, although it does!   It represents my intention, to help you find the ideal   YOU, the true Gem, hidden deep within you.  And, like a precious gem, The Hidden Gem is your hidden refuge from the sometimes crazy life that can make you feel as though you've been beaten and worn down.  

Not just a massage center, The Hidden Gem combines intuitively guided touch and individualized energetic connection, environmental healing elements of music frequency, soothing light and fresh air, and an array of therapeutic essential healing oils, sea salts, and fine sugars

that work synergistically to perform magic on your body, mind, and spirit.

But don't just believe me...We invite you to experience it for yourself and we are so confident in your enjoyment that we offer all first time appointments a complimentary

15 minute Healing Skin Salt or Sugar Scrub with their massage!

Not sure of your schedule?  No worries.  Just click here and reserve a tentative appointment.  We'll contact you 48 hours in advance to confirm, so if you need to move your appointment,

we'll arrange for that. 

We look forward to getting to know you and to supporting your specific needs and desires

 for health, healing, and life balance.

From The Hidden Gem, we toast to your Bliss!

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