"Pay It Forward" Program!

Many who suffer from cancer, other diseases, or debilitating conditions

desperately want and can benefit from our Healing Therapeutic Massage services,

but due to medical expenses, lack of transportation, or other circumstances,

they are unable to come in and receive the healing that they need.

I receive numerous phone calls a week asking for discounted rates or to volunteer my services, especially for those in town for medical treatment. It’s something I’ve struggled with since opening my business – not wanting to turn anyone away in need, but needing to make a living through my services.

Recently, I learned of a pizza place in Philadelphia where you can anonymously donate a slice of pizza to someone in the community in need of a meal.

Based on the honor system, anyone in need can come in at any time and receive a slice of pizza prepaid for by an anonymous doner.  No questions asked.

That inspired me to create our "Pay It Forward" Program!  

Anyone can contribute.  No donation amount is refused.  No questions asked.

Anyone with a diagnosis can be gifted with a session from the fund,

using whatever amount they choose toward the cost of a session.  

Family members who care for the recipient receive a discount too.

Through these donations, we're able to provide services for those in need, here at The Hidden Gem.

Maybe you know someone who is otherwise unable to receive our services.  

Or, perhaps you just want to help someone you don't know. We will be happy to accept any donation. 

We thank you in advance for your heart given donation. 

With heartfelt gratitude, we THANK YOU for making our dream, and theirs, a reality!

© 2006 by The Hidden Gem